Good site that explains perp tactics

Many of the psychological harassment tactics they use on me in RL and online are covered here:

All real TI’s out there stay strong and take care.


About realtargeted1

Targeted Individual in the US. It started in the mid 90's as covert harassment. The covert harassment kept building, with some let offs. By 2002, it was overt, and obvious something was going on. I soon moved from the area, thinking it was local. It has since tracked me all over the country, in 5 different locations. My life potential has been severely damaged. Over time, I've learned that the online TI forums(inc. youtube and facebook) are monopolized and filled with operatives. View all posts by realtargeted1

One response to “Good site that explains perp tactics

  • neverending1

    That’s why I have ear plugs in my ears at all times and listen to music. When I pay attention to the music, the idiots don’t get to me.

    And it’s true there are a lot of perps on Facebook, but I can always tell who they are. After a while, their real selves come through.

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