Basic story, thoughts on gangstalking, targeting

I’m a Targeted Individual in the USA. It probably started as early as 1994 in it’s covert phase. The covert harassment kept building, with some let offs. By 2002, it was overt, and obvious something was going on. I soon moved from the area, thinking it was local. It has since tracked me all over the country, in 5 different locations. My life potential has been severely damaged in the process. I became aware of gangstalking and targeted individuals online around 2007. Over time, I’ve learned that the online TI forums(inc. youtube and facebook) are infested and monopolized by operatives. I believe some of the TI activist groups and sites to be run by operatives, as I have been cyber-harassed by these people. At this point I believe the number of real TI’s to be much less than most claim. Maybe a few thousand in the US. Or else many of the real TI’s are not online for some reason… Regardless, there does seem to be a well organized ‘Stasi’ in this country. Im guessing there may be many thousands for every full, lifetime TI. Most of them are “part time”, often its part of their job(utility workers, police, store clerks, social workers etc) Some may only harass when a TI moves in next door, and after he/she leaves,  they may be done with stalking. Even the homeless stalkers are not harassing people all day, in a big city, they may harass a handful of targets, and go about their business. My guess is other than harassing real TI’s, this ‘Stasi’ is kept busy surveilling others, mildly targeting others from periods from a month to 4-5 yrs. Almost all of these mildly targeted people will never realize they were a target, they will just think they hit a rough spot in life, were living in a bad location etc. Their harassment never crosses over into the fully overt stage. It’s all speculation, of course.

I reccomend real TI’s stay skeptical and wary, and realize there are a lot of operatives on the internet. Some may try to befriend you to get info, or ‘handle’ you in some way, just as in real life. The site can be helpful in understanding the techniques used to break you down.  The  blog, has a good, inspirational write up at the bottom of the page. Accept the fact this system is out to destroy you- damage your sense of self/identity, destroy your self esteem and confidence, screw up your objective and critical thinking, increase suggestibility, create inertia, inaction, breakdown through psychological manipulations and orchestrated real life setbacks. Realize that everything these soulless, mindless drones do to you has been taught to them by their masters for the purpose of breaking you down. There is no truth, or very little in their “harassment themes”, but these evil bastards will try to get you to believe their lies, their “degrading themes” about who you are. They are trying to damage your identity, self image and esteem. Look at the harasser objectively, and realize this person is a programmed drone of evil scum, often lacking individuality, and deep down a coward. Often these people are not too bright or talented, some are physically ugly. These are jealous, envious, sadistic cowards that have been empowered by a sick, corrupt system. Therefore their programmed beliefs, actions, words directed at you truly mean NOTHING, as far as Truth is concerned.

“You do not care what a Nazi pig thinks. You do not care about a Nazi pig’s opinions. You do not respond to a Nazi pig ridiculing you, threatening you, trying to distract you, or otherwise trying to manipulate you. You work to get a Nazi pig hanged…” – Allen Barker, NPT Theorem

It seems best to be assertive, but not aggessive in public. Aggressive acts may be video recorded and used as ‘evidence’ against you. Of course if you are truly in danger and defending yourself, aggression is healthy. Other covert acts are best off ignored, as they feed off your reaction/negative emotions. The less ‘reward’ they get from making you upset, the more likely they will not put as much effort into it, over time.

I’ve never met another TI in real life, although once I met a perp pretending to be one. Still, in my online interactions with TI’s over the years, I do believe that at least a few were real. The TI’s that cope best start to develop thick skin and learn to not ‘feed’ the mentally sick perps. The best way to do this is by exposure and practice. Using whatever psychological methods that help: visualization, positive affirmations, rational thinking, CBT, even self hypnosis. Pretend the perps/operatives are not there. Try to go about your life as normally as possible, ignoring them as much as possible, and focusing on whats important/enjoyable/positive to you. Thought blocking techniques can help, if you find yourself becoming pulled down into negative thinking.
Don’t waste lots of time and energy continually reading TI sites, as I did at one pont. Some of these sites, forums are made to spread disinfo, make TI’s fearful and paranoid, keep the TI occupied on reading/discussing/arguing things that will not go anywhere. One forum I was on for over a year, I eventually found out that basically all of the regulars were operatives. It’s better to focus your energy on trying to preserve your life, as best you can. To keep working towards the life you wanted, being the person you wanted to be, before you were targeted. It will be a much harder road than a non-TI’s, but it’s the best focus for your energy- your LIFE, the one these demented cowards are trying to destroy. Im not saying networking with other TI’s online is useless, YMMV, but what’s most important is reclaiming your life. We all have different psychological makeups, strengths and weaknesses, different support systems, life situations, backgrounds and different levels/types of targeting. Dont compare yourself to targets that are doing better, for one, the person may not be a real target, and secondly, even if they are real, all of our situations are different. Don’t get down on yourself, this is an incredibly sick destructive machine we were thrown into, and it can take down the strongest. Just by becoming an ‘aware TI’ you have cleared one hurdle. I hate to think of the number of TI’s over the years, that killed themselves, or ended up in a controlled institution before figuring out what was going on. Love and respect yourself, keep your ‘self talk’ positive and do the best you can in this unbelievably unfair situation.

As for “going public” as a TI, I have mixed opinions. Most TI’s that seem to be real, and are doing well in their lives, are not out there doing public activism. They may do some activism anonymously online. They are afraid of being smeared publicly as “crazy, schizo”, which is a legitimate fear.  They may only have a few people in real life that theyve told about their gangstalking situation.
In a larger, anonymous city, it may be possible to educate random people without getting smeared too badly. In a small town, obviously that won’t fly- you will easily be scapegoated. I think if the TI is at the end of their rope, due to severe targeting, there is nothing to lose in doing activism and spreading awareness publicly. If something bad happens to the target, there will at least be some semi-informed people who will wonder what really happened.

Take care to all the real targets out there.


About realtargeted1

Targeted Individual in the US. It started in the mid 90's as covert harassment. The covert harassment kept building, with some let offs. By 2002, it was overt, and obvious something was going on. I soon moved from the area, thinking it was local. It has since tracked me all over the country, in 5 different locations. My life potential has been severely damaged. Over time, I've learned that the online TI forums(inc. youtube and facebook) are monopolized and filled with operatives. View all posts by realtargeted1

3 responses to “Basic story, thoughts on gangstalking, targeting

  • neverending1

    You just came out of the closet. And then you wonder why you don’t run into other TIs? They are like you, hiding. I’ve never hidden that I’m gang stalked. That’s how it gets out there. I don’t care if they think I’m crazy. I even wear a shirt proclaiming I’m being gang stalked. That’s how little I care if people think I’m crazy or not. And I’ve been tortured for three years non-stop, 24/7. And it gets worse every single day, but it won’t stop me from speaking up. They can all go straight to Hell for all I care, but they’ll not shut me up!

    • realtargeted1

      Interesting you use the “came out of the closet” phrase, as one of the false smears used is that I’m homosexual.
      I’ve been doing online activism for the last 3 years. And I’m talking about other real TI’s online, it would make sense TI’s would gravitate towards internet activity, being hounded out of real life. Hell, I get perped online too, even on non gangstalking forums. What I find, is many of these TI groups, forums, fb, youtube, have a large percentage of operatives. They are there to ‘handle’ and ‘gaslight’ the real TIs.
      Anyways, I think going fully public is a very brave thing to do, and more power to you. But, there seems to be TI’s who have managed to build some semblance of a life by putting up a ‘normal’ front and keeping it to themselves. If a TI can manage this, I can’t blame them for keeping quiet. It’s pretty cowardly, but really, whats the chance anything will be done about gangstalking, in the long term? Maybe its the difference betwen a decent job and homelessness for the TI… It depends on the targets personal situation and the level of their targeting, to find out what strategy works best. At the very least, all TI’s should try to spread the word online.

  • neverending1

    When I said “came out of the closet”, it has nothing to do with homosexuality. That thought never occurred to me. I was only referring to gang stalking, nothing else. There’s more than one way to come out of the closet.

    And if people never come out that they’re targets, this gang stalking will continue to happen. That’s why I believe in putting it out there. I also believe in putting it out to help other targets who might not know what’s going on. A lot of targets don’t realize what’s going on and have committed themselves to mental institution, later discovering the real truth. If I can prevent this from happening to someone, I’m glad I’ve come out.

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